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>> from the core of the u.s. senate to the national women's hall of fame, maryland's senior senator makes history tonight. it is induction weekend before maryland's barbara mikulski. and kate amara, in for deborah uighur, who is traveling on assignment with the senator, and was there and she received that honor tonight. it is or big story. leading inductees include an equal rights champion, a pioneering chemist, and the first woman to enter the boston marathon. here is part of senator mikulski's induction speech. >> for many of us up on the stage and certainly for myself, it came out of the fact that what we knew was when people told us know. you cannot do this. why are you doing this? you are just going to cause trouble. why don't you stay home. why don't you shut up? why don't you sit down? you know what? it just did not work out that way. they laughed at us. they made fun of us, but in america, when you become a protester, when you become a dissident, they send to congress. they don't put you in jail. [applause] we need to organize for ourselves here and for the powerless around
, shenandoah valley, western maryland and west virginia, there's a winter storm warning. this is highly unusual. four inches or more possible, especially in the high spots around the blue ridge and the shenandoah valley. right down at the bottom of the valley, probably not that much snow. most of that region will only have it on the grassy areas. but some of the high spots fin western maryland and west virginia will get some snow. it will stick on the roadways. it's frosty cold in western maryland and west virginia. just a few high clouds coming over now. the temperatures are down near or a little bit below freezing. closer to washington, panhandle of west virginia, mid and upper 30s. right now a chilly 42 at reagan national. southern maryland, northern neck, eastern shore weather observers reporting mid-40s most locations. here's the day planner for this friday. sunrise 7:31. a little sunshine in and out this morning through midday. clouding up late afternoon. highs reaching the low 50s. dress accordingly. wear a couple of layers this morning before you head off to work. it is a cold morning.
news in america this morning. now, good morning maryland at 4:30. >>> the owner of a gas station was murdered. the man accused of murder handgun him is in court today. >>> could we see an increase in gas prices? i'm sherrie johnson, coming up, lawmakers consider a possible gas tax hike. >> it's tuesday, october 18th. good morning maryland i'm charley crowson. let's get to justin berk with a check of the weather forecast. things could be changing the next few days. >> a lot of action down from the gulf of mexico. leading edge of the storm complex, high clouds mixed in. patchy fog trying to form. we will be dry today and cooler than we were yesterday. we had the boundary push through that cleared us out with the sun. 48 is where we sit now in baltimore. 52 easton. 50s southern maryland. 50s and 40s to the north. skies will give way from early morning sunshine, increasing clouds, a bit breezy this afternoon. aiming for 71 degrees. we will talk about the storm coming up. let's go to the roads. traffic with tanya. >>> a broken down car, 50 west at the bay bridge. downtown, an accident
. >>> new this morning a crash left one person dead this morning. not far from the maryland chesapeake house on i-95. it happened around 1 when a semitruck slammed into the back of a car. this is video from the mdot camera from the scene. authorities say two people in the crash were hurt. >>> police are searching for withins in a possible attempted abduction case at downs park in anne arundel county sunday night. officers arrested a man after a witness saw hmm approach two boys. she says she saw him give the children money and tried to get them into walk into the woods with him. that's when she steps in and the boys left. police are look for that woman and the -- looking for the woman and two boys to help with the investigation. if you have information about the story, call police as quickly as possible. >>> investigators are trying to figure out what started a tugboat fire in south baltimore. it broke out around two yesterday afternoon along the patapsco river close to where the key highway meets lawrence street. a fuel line broke after the fire started. no one was injured. >>> first increa
. for the latest information on reconditions and safety tips, go to work >> you can go to and click on whether. >> frederick police of charts and a convicted felon with the border of the burger king manager. the suspect is 21-year-old jose barrella. he shot the manager shortly after she opened to the restaurant. he is already in federal custody. he is accused of entering the country illegally. maryland health officials are making changes at a hospital after -- officials say the hospital will undergo a complete city overhaul. it is the second to murder at the max a month -- maximum security hospital in a week. officials said one patient killed and another at the hospital last night. the autopsy showed the 40-year- old victim died from multiple blunt force injuries. last week, another patient was charged with murdering his roommate. >> hospitals are places for healing, not violence. >> he calls the incident tragic and unacceptable. >> perkins hospital has taken many steps to improve the strength in -- the safety of the environment. more needs to be done. >> it
of maryland and sprinkles are popping up in virginia. 70 degrees at the airport. the wind is out of the east at 10 miles per hour. for rock the day, a better chance for sprinkles -- throughout the day, a better chance for sprinkles, and rain more likely for the night. we'll continue to look at the radar when we come back for the insta-weather-plus forecast. >> police have a man in custody for a knife-point robbery. they say he forcefully took money from a victim from the pockets before fleeing on foot. police reported seeing him nearby and were able to apprehend him. he faces multiple robbery and assault charges. a bail review is suspected for a woman accused of the bleach attack. police say she threw bleach and ammonia and another woman. the building had to be evacuated and 19 people were taken to the hospital. jefferson faces first and second degree charges. >> more than 6000 lady ravens packed the stadium for a purple evening, and they left very pleased after they got an unexpected show. jennifer franciotti explains. >> it is the biggest event of the year for lady ravens fans who take ove
. several inches by tomorrow evening in northern maryland. there's a trust advisory this morning in northern maryland and west virginia until 9:00 a.m. highs today in the low 50's, becoming cloudy. a few evening showers developing. areas of rain heavy at times tonight, mixing with a few wet snowflakes in the metro area. no cancellations expected. we could have accumulations northwest of town. more on that coming up. >>> more traffic on 95, 66, looks good on 395 for now. no problems on 95 and in maryland. -- 95 in maryland . 66 and the beltway, normal. no problem in tysons on the beltway. newschopper 7 there. normal travel times on 50 between annapolis and cheverly. >>> new this morning in fairfax county, a police chase ended in a multicar crash. an officer is recovering. it started around 11:00 last night. four men robbed a convenience store in alexandria. the pursuit began when officers spotted the car on route 1. during the chase the suspect car lost control and hit two cars and a police cruiser. the officer inside will be ok. three suspects are in custody and the other is still on the lo
.s. marshals tried to bring the alleged killer back to maryland. brian jackson was attacked inside his home -- ryan jackson was attacked inside his home. the body was later found in south baltimore. detectives caught up with orton in alabama. he spoke to a reporter as he was led to tell. >> his wife was with him in alabama. she was also arrested for tendering in the resting -- resisting arrest. a man accused of killing a john hopkins researcher will spend the rest of his life behind bars. a judge gave john wagner the maximum sentence. stephen pitcairn step to death while he was on the phone with his mother. during the trial, his mother testified about hearing his son's murder. >> it is hard to move on the with this. hopefully it will bring them a little bit of peace. i have to move on with their life. >> the family dispute -- declined to comment after the sentencing. >> the alleged trigger man and the higher -- murder for hire of a gas station owner goes on trial. barry simms is at the scene. >> prosecutors call the murder of a gas station owner cold- blooded and premeditated. the triggerma
his way back to maryland. live in towson, shelton dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> police are searching for the gunman who shot and killed a man in milford mill. the 21-year-old man was found inside a vehicle on salt lake drive just after 11:00 last evening. police said the victim was found when a citizen was getting information on the license plates because the car was parked illegally. >> faced with the potential of mass atrocities, and a call for help from the libyan people, the united states and our friends and allies stopped that of the's forces in their tracks. >> following news that former dictator muammar gaddafi had been killed, president obama told the libyan people today, you have won your revolution. the president pledged his full support for democracy in the north african country. he also remembered the american victims who killed in the 1988 plane bombing over scotland. gaddafi is said to have been behind the bombing plot. there were also maryland victims who died in that terrorist attack over lockerbie. today a congressman recognized a family lost a loved one. >> the firs
>>> now "good morning maryland." >>> a new law before you get behind your wheel this morning and it has to do with your cell phone. we will explain coming up. >>> and will she walk out a free woman or spend decades maybe the rest of her life hyped bars. today, we are talking -- we will learn what happens to amanda knox. it's never been do have been and we will have 500 feet above the ground for a crew trying to repair the earthquake damage to the washington monument. we will teak you there and give you a look on this monday, october 3rd. good morning maryland. i am charley crowson. let's get to meteorologist justin berk but before that. happy birthday to the magickingdom in orland o. disney world, -- orlando. disney world celebrating a birthday. that's why we have the mky mouse cup out this morning -- mickey mouse cup out this morning. >> much better in october than july from personal experience. we are trying to shake and bake things because it's chilly. 44 ocean city. matching our mark of 44. and we have seen a few local spots in the upper 30s as we had a little clearing al
there will be a public hearing discussing the possibility of the merger with the university of maryland college park and the university of maryland baltimore. we're live in the city with the details. >> reporter: right now we're in the study phase. the board of regents was going to come up with a study. they want to see the potential of whether or not it's a good idea to merge the university of maryland baltimore here with the university of maryland college park. maryland senate president mike miller called for this study to see if it's feasible for the two largest research campuses in the state university system to merge. leaders are basically looking at increased research funding that could be coming in. the community and some civic leaders have expressed concern that merging the two will have a negative impact on the city of baltimore. balance more city's mayor is expected to speak at the hearing today. the legislation has mandated that the university of maryland must issue a report on this study by december 15. this hearing takes place this afternoon from 3:00 to 5:00 at the university of maryla
's watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland" at 4:30. >>> it's every parents' worst nightmare a daughter killed in a car crash. how her friend at chesapeake high plan to honor kala aust in. >> an 11-year-old boy is missing an amber alert is issued. police need your help finding him. >>> the wife of a local legend is dead this morning. we remember pat modell on this thursday, october 13th, good morning maryland i am charley crowson we will get to the amber alert in moment but first a check of the forecast. are the umbrellas needed? let's say good morning to meteorologist justin berk. >> just want to show outtemperatures. low 60s around the i-95 stretch. 63 in baltimore and back towards dulles and dc upper 60s across southern maryland and the delmarva with 50s on north side. this is rain. okay. obviously. it's embedded heavier rain bands to the southwest of dc and that's sliding up in our direction. it doesn't look like there's much going on overhead but it's damp. it's misty and it's drizzle. it's fog. call it what you want. it's wet even though the radar is not showi
. >>> good morning, everyone. unseasonable snowfall shocks the state. how marylanders dealt with it and what to expect from here on it. >>> the snowstorm hit maryland with the rest of the eastern seaboard. the latest on the damage and the clean up. plus the storms may be over and is this cold weather here to stay. ted williams has the answer in the first weather forecast. >>> saying good-bye to a young life cut short. a local boy is laid to rest. the details are ahead. >>> they are ready to put the jaguar game behind them and why players say they aren't too concerned about last week's performance. eyewitness news, sunday morning starts now. . >>> good morning and welcome to eyewitness news this sunday. i am gigi barnett. >> good morning to you. >> it was an interesting day. >> dropoff of where you saw snow and where you didn't, it is very steep. if you are in the city waking up, you are wondering what all the hoopla is about. as soon as you cross the northern portion of the metro area up until the north and northwest counties. where did all the snow come from. >> we will tak
's the question the the maryland trying to answer in hearingg with the energy provider this live in medfield, where ith is residents had to wait days to gee the power back. good you think thoseeresidenns do good morning megan... to be fair, everyone knows this was a tough thousand b-g-e customers weee without ppwer... including here where it was pitth black for days. but many customers were outraged whhn they were told one time for pooer to come back on, but had to wait much longer for it to ((nats)) nooone doubts it was a historic task... 10,000 reports of wires downand 348 poles had to be reppaced. more then 64-hundred people were involved in the power restoration effort.. including electric company workers from as far away as teeass but in yesterday's hearing, public service commissioners fired a &pbarrage of questiins at p.g.e's top administrators: asking why timelines for timelines for power restoration were not kept. b-g-e's workkrs say, thhre were challenges, thee could noo forsee. (rob gould)"but invariably there may be some soot of damage that unbeknownst to us a
of congestion. >>> the future of who represents you in congress is being decided in annapolis. maryland's congressional districts are being redrawn in a special session that started today. abc2's don harrison explains. >> reporter: governor martin o'malley and others kicked off maryland's special session. they increased in population. the largest jurisdiction, montgomery county for the first time has more minority residents at 40.7%. maryland is democratically controlled and the party will try to take advantage of that when redrawing the lines. >> the role and the job and the duty that we have in this special session is to acknowledge as the constitution calls upon us to do that every 10 years you have to make adjustments because of population growth because of population shifts. >> reporter: president miller acknowledges because of maryland's uneven borders, this process can be difficult. >> our state is odd shaped. it's divided in half by the chesapeake bay. >> reporter: many senators feel the process is unfair. >> politics seem to be the overriding concern, not citizen's rights, not
go, the more snow we are seeing. >> and frederick, maryland, is getting the heaviest snow in our area. we should be cueing the christmas music with the scene behind you. >> that's the thing about this early snowfall. as much as you hate to say it, it is a pretty sight. snow on everything. but the good news is, most of the roadways, major roadways up i-70. the roads are clear. we saw caravan after caravan of snowplows and trucks out today salting as we were making our way from washington up to here. the main roads are looking good. i talked to a lot of people at the south mountain rest area that said their secondary road in the frederick area are looking grim right now. if we have to call this month of october or something snow related, let's call it a snover. it is definitely ocsnober here in frederick. let's see how people reacted from this early blast from mother nature. >> a little early. there's no ice trucks. i haven't seen them. i have to drive in this stuff, so it's going to be if you have. i don't know. not too worried about it. it will clear up eventually. >> and here
protecting your child. details coming up when "good morning maryland" continues. jif to go goes here, goes there ♪ ♪ jif to go goes anywhere ♪ jif to go goes here, goes there ♪ ♪ jif to go goes everywhere ♪ goes here, goes there ♪ jif to go, wherever you go >>> shame, shame, shame. >> third week of demonstration, the arrest on the brooklyn bridge over weekend sparked support elsewhere in the country. occupy wall street started with fewer than a dozen college students spending days and nights but it was planned months in advance. >>> it can do it physically as well. a new study looked at foreclosures and emergency roomvisit by zip code and for every 4 hundred -- [ inaudible ] health perts say financial worries -- experts say financial worries led to stress related problems. >>> doctors recommend getting your child vaccinated but more and more parents will do it on their schedule. one in ten are using an alternative vaccination schedule and university of michigan researchers found many parents were use the vaccine schedule that they may have developed. and doctors say this is n
on this friday, october 21st. good morning, maryland, i am charlie. let's get right to it shall we and have a check of that weekend forecast with meteorologist justin berk. >> good morning to you we are checking out the satellite radar composite cloud look like they are rolling away along i- 70. we have been tracking about this, so while we have been talking about a clear start looks like this streamer may get its way through, even flurries may be showing out there this morning. it is west of harrisburg. i know they are not watching us but i wanted to let you know what we are looking at on the screen. we say dry and in fact at 47 degrees and a clear sky, you sue a shot saw a shot of that moon here and may actually hit the beltway in downtown and may ease some of the sun glare issues that may pop up in an hour. that is their temperature. and look at those arrows not as long and strong as yesterday. we will have winds but the shift over the weekend will be light but from a different direction. [ inaudible ] >> -- this afternoon but how about the traffic right now? here is tonya. >> more peo
to get this type of a setup. it's a winter storm watch for the counties that surround maryland. harford, northern baltimore, carol and howard counties. western maryland, winter storm warning this is through 6:00 tomorrow evening, fast moving storm, already beginning to bring in the rain, and in fact also bringing in the wintery weather, west now, further west that we are looking at wintery stuff. we will continue to track the setup. the bottom line is the main event comes tomorrow. it starts off as rain, especially around baltimore and eastern shore , the further west, the quicker you see the changeover from rain to snow. a couple of slushy incidences. we break down the map coming up. >>> get the latest forecast and rack the storm right from the palm of your hand with abc2 news weather application for your iphone or ipad. get a hourly play by play or full seven-day forecast. find the link on the website,, on the web page. also check out and head out to maryland's most powerful radar and for the latest forecast from our meteorologist, head to >>> with t
swindler bernie madoff reveals shocking news. >>> and today a maryland law allowing illegal immigrants to pay in-state college tuition gets more attention. what he happening and fueling more debate straight ahead on this thursdaych good morning. i am charley -- thursday. good morning. i am charley crowson. let's say hello, to lynette charles. >> good morning. it's going to be a wet commute out there this morning. yes we will be dealing with headaches. you need to be slow on the roadway. so let's take our radar tour on maryland's most powerful radar and we can see the rain is moderate to light. the light in the green and moderate in the yellow here. so, i am going to zoom in and being see the heaviest rain or the more moderate rain coming in around gaitersville. i-83 -- jarrettsville. and going throughout the morning we will have wet weather. going to the south, you can see more moderate rain around glen burnie, brooklin park be a middle river and is a verna park -- severna park and arnold. it's going to be a little on the rough side going out and about. and speaking of the rough side,
and interior section there's fog. nothing showing up on maryland's most powerful doppler radar right now. pull this back and you will see the rain from virginia through the carolinas. and that's poised to move in our direction. but right now let's get on the direction to work and tanya with traffic. >> reporter: we have a broken down car i-97 south at benfield boulevard. no problems to traffic. it's get being by fine. let's look out there and see how traffic is moving along. this is the beltway on the northwest side near old court road. outer loop is moving well through the construction getting to baltimore national pike. might slow down a little bit. jfx at northern parkway no issues to report here. and southbound traffic from the beltway as you head downtown no issues in northern parkway or at coldspring lane. drive times are doing fine. 83 southbound from shawan to the beltway 5 minutes, outer loop bel air to providence 6 minutes and 795 to 70, 7 minutes. >>> it's popular mount vernon hot spot and this morning now the focus of a triple stabbinginvestigation. the owner of eden's lounge has s
. and those of your tech bites i am tanya rivero. >>> now "good morning maryland." >>> a long time leader in baltimore county schools prepares to step down. i am sherrie johnson. why this will be dr. joe hairston's last year as superintendent. >>> irene was not as bad as whoa thought it would be. but there's some damage left behind. where the aid money is going to help with the clean up. >>> time to fill up it's baltimore beer week. where you can celebrate this weekend. have great one. it's friday, good morning maryland. the weekend is upon us i am charley crowson. hope you are off to a great start. but weather wise, what do we have in store come saturday and sunday? justin berk is standing by with the answer. >> good morning. saturday and sunday seem toe far off when we talk -- so far off when we talk about what we have this morning. extra excitement or is it me? it might be just me. we got something for everybody. and i am not 39. but, we are talking about the temperature in towson. mighty chose. towson 39. 44. 5 # in -- 4 -- 54 in catonsville. we have nothing to show you on the satelli
, western maryland, and carroll counties and up into western pennsylvania. so there's a chance of a little frost forming over the next couple of hours. sunrise at 7:31. we'll have a partly sunny morning through midday but a chilly morning. only in the 40s through much of the morning. may get into the low 50s by early afternoon and clouding up by late afternoon. i don't think we're going to see any snow tonight, but there's a possibility tomorrow. the evening planner will be coming up here in about ten minutes. danella, good morning. how's the friday commute? >>> a couple of accidents to slow you down. start in virginia. southbound richmond highway at kings highway, all your lanes are blocked due to an accident there. southbound 270 in maryland at montgomery village avenue, only the left lane gets by that accident. checking the travel in that area, so far traffic is still light. i just want you to be aware. you've got to stay to the left time. construction is wrapping up. as we shoot down the 495 north, robinson terminal is clear. back to you. >>> crews are celebrating another amazing rescu
." billy crystal and company nearly >>> now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. >>> a brazen home invasion sends a woman to shock trauma. i am sherrie johnson details coming up. >>> big news out of baltimore county. the school's county superintendent stepping down. what can we expect to hear today. an answer coming up. >>> and it's beer and brats. you know what that means. it's oktoberfest here in the timonium fairgrounds. details coming up. >> it's noon somewhere. and good friday morning maryland. charley crowson getting rade what we hope is a great start to your weekend and for that you need the forecast. what's happening weather wise. let's say good morning to justin berk. >> we take a look at temperatures right now. north harford middle school one of the coldest spots in the state at 41. we have a few hours until sunrise and there will be places that drop into the 30s and there are places that have frost advisories this morning. we will detail that coming up. you know for some reason, the temperatures are not right. they were right about 9 minutes ago. this is going to have to be reagi
back to maryland. larry horton is nhl and alabama right now. he killed 18-year-old ryan at jackson and dumped the body in south baltimore. they found a blood evidence as well as the wallet and murder weapons stashed inside horton's home. 11 news was confirmed the person discovered dead wednesday evening. anybody with any information on the case is asked to call crime stoppers. 1-866-7-lockup. police say justin morgan broke into a good college dorm on thursday. according to witnesses, he made his way into a woman's bathroom. police were on campus already investigating a theft when people called them to the door. they found a morgan leaving the building. he was arrested and then let go of $25,000 bond. >> cool temperatures across the area even with sunshine it has been a struggle to get the afternoon readings up into the lower bid 60's. already it is starting to cool off. once mr. down to 52 degrees. western maryland stuck in the mid 30's around strasbourg. skies began to cool out. it will be chilly. no frost expected here to that, at least not in widespread fashion. temperatures exp
advisory in effect until 9:00 a.m. this morning along the mason-dixon line in northern maryland and in west virginia. no freezing temperatures at this time. 37 in frederick 36 in hagerstown,, 45 in fredericksburg 43 reagan national. increasing clouds the route the day. highs in the low 50's this afternoon. the average high is 65. a few showers could develop later this evening. a few areas of rain could move into town from the southwest. rainfall will be heavy at times tonight through tomorrow and probably mixing with a few wet snowflakes by mid day or tomorrow afternoon up and down the 95 corridor. in the higher elevations it will mainly be the snow. also in northern maryland you can expect snow with some accumulations possible. winter storm watch in effect for all the counties shaded in blue. that includes northern maryland and higher elevations mainly along and west of the blue ridge. clearing by sunday. more on the forecast coming up. >>> looks ok as far as the beltway. lingering activity on the inner loop of the beltway including connecticut avenue all the way to new hampshire ave. not
. it is your maryland news station -- hoping for a home coming, a baltimore man helped free the country and now his mother's wish could come true. >>> good evening, live in libya after moammar gadhafi. a baltimore family is hoping to be back with their son. we have more from a n anxious mother. >> she is waiting to hear the wores she baptistd -- wanted to hear so long, he is returning to the united states. >> now he could be back in maryland soon. >> he wants to come home, he said that two hours ago, but he has some unfinished business. >> after escaping from the prison where he was trapped in solitary confinement for six months, the 32-year-old fought with the rebels on the front lines. it is a goal satisfied, now he is celebrating the death of moammar gadhafi. he turned down an offer to return to the united states because he wanted to find missing friends. >> he turned his back on all of that help. we worked so hard to get that. >> now they are thinking that they are casualties in the war and will return home. >> he went to witness miss tore in the making, but he was not just witnessing it, h
have already started to appear through the snow out here. we are no stranger to snow in maryland. a lot of people were just caught off guard because of how early it started falling. >> her car could not have broken down at a worse time. >> this stuff is pretty disgusting. it is cold and wet and messy and not a good day for your car to die. >> even though it was only the end of october, carroll county look like a winter wonderland as the nor'easter moved up the coast. there was enough heavy, wet snow to blanket almost all of westminster. >> everywhere there is snow on the leaves, the trees. and along the side of the road. a lot of the roads have a lot of sludge which makes it kind of hazardous when you are changing lanes. not fun to be out right now. >> forecasters predicted several inches of snow for the county, which was evident from the accumulation on this front. >> barry and seasonable. it is probably a month or a month -- very and seasonable. it is probably a month or a month and a half early, but what are you going to do. >> even though the roads were slick, drivers did not have a
them instantly. >> they were determined to change the culture of texting and driving in maryland. he advocated for stricter laws after his daughter's death. " we became obsessed with letter-writing. we made a lot of phone calls and a lot of research. we became a pest. we kept trying and trying. >> he was successful with the band that passed in 2009 and the one that goes into effect today. you could get pulled over if you are caught reading a text message, and will. the first offense is $70. a second offense is 200 -- $110. the law does not apply to people who text 911 or use gps devices. >> i am not naive enough to think people will stop this, but it helps. we need to create awareness every day. we need to create education campaigns that will change the culture in the united states. >> several other laws also took effect in maryland at midnight. for a complete list, visit one person is dead after an accident on interstate 83. it happened around 1:45 this morning on the northbound lanes in hunt valley. two vehicles were involved. there is no word if anyone was injured. the
a few sprinkles so far in western maryland, also along parts of 95 east of baltimore. right now mostly cloudy at the airport. 62 degrees is the current temperature with winds out of the northwest. chances for rain are increasing. 40% chance by 9:00. showers more likely as we head into the night and tomorrow. we will detail that in the seven-day forecast. >> former governor bob erlich took the stand today. he said in that time curray acted as a gentleman and was always forthright in his dealings. new this noon, the jury in the walter bishop trial is deliberating. we're told they left the court room around 11:10. he is accused of shooting a gas station owner in an alleged kill for hire scheme. we will bring you more information when it becomes available. potentially good news for pg&e customers. according to the company, the average customer can expect to see a 5% reduction for natural gas this winter. that is a savings of about $28. electric heating companies could see a 9% reduction. to make your payment smaller, they suggest having your furnace checked out by a professional. student l
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. >>> maryland has 23 counties and half will be getting aid for hurricane recovery. 12 counties already, including harford county and most of the shore already on the disaster list. local governments and nonprofit groups scan apply for nonemergency services. >>> when it comes to signs, you know, things are tough with people in this economy. look at the evercrowding at animal shelters right now. that's the case in the baltimore area. at the maryland spca they say 2011 has been very diff cult so far with an increase of animals being turned into the shelter, ab increase of 20% over last year. >> it's sad when a pet is given up. we have programs designed to help people to combat some of these problems. the maryland spca has increased it. here to date we've done over 5,000 spade and knew they are -- neuter surgeries. >> the maryland spca isn't the only one seeing an increase in animals being turned in. all the shelters. >>> big blue sam. sam paul massono, ceo of ibm is retiring. hoe grew up in baltimore and went to calvert hall, he graduated from johns hopkins and then started his career at
and is, specsed -- is expected to be back in maryland soon. >>> police have been searching trails. at this point police aren't sure where william was killed. >>> we had an argument outside the small town of westminster that turned violent. a stabbing victim is still being treated at shock trauma. michael fisher got into an argument receipt outside the regal movie theater and used a knife to slice dominic miller right across the stomach. >> the gentleman who was cut retreated to a car that was occupied by a friend, told the friend to drive him to the hospital. the friend couldn't locate the hospital, pulled into a business and called 911 from there. >> fisher faces charges of first and second degree assault and over thed $25,000 bail. >>> tonight police are on the lookout for a man who raped a 13-year-old girl in an abandoned row home in the 800 block of north caroline street in east baltimore. that's where jeff hager picks up the story. >> reporter: as police combed this east baltimore area for a suspect in the rape, neighbors question why it provided easy access for the young gir
. fox 5 was out in frederick, maryland, tonight with audrey barnes. she starts us off. >> reporter: now that the storm has moved out of the area, the big problem will be refreezing. definitely be on the lookout for black ice. earlier today from germantown to frederick, the big problem was snow. by mid afternoon in germantown, all the grassy areas were snow covered and the snow was piling up on parked cars and houses. the roads were a slushy mess. further west in frederick county, conditions deteriorated and a lot more snow to deal with. not everyone seemed to mind. >> we are used to snow, just a little earlier than most years. not that big of an adjustment. >> it's only october and we have this great snow. it's awesome. >> snow in october is a good thing? >> absolutely. get to go play outside. good stuff. >> these friends took in the university of maryland's football game in college park and decided to take advantage of the weekend snow. >> terps weren't that good today, but we love the snow. >> ready to go skiing. >> not everyone could take this snow day off. there was plenty o
the rain at the maryland-pennsylvania line. i circled baltimore in yellowed just to give a reference point. most of the rain as falling in frederick county and a former showers. there is drizzle. if you look at the bottom of the screen down below baltimore and just west of the day around waldorf -- the clout to really begin to bend out. it is going to be a cloudy day but the clouds it gets thinner and the rain chances go down for a while this afternoon. i will let details of the forecast and what happens the next couple of days, coming up. >> two florida men behind bars after a maryland state trooper found 67 pounds of marijuana in their truck. state police said the trooper stopped to help them and change a flat tire on the side of i-95 in cecil county around 7:30 p.m. wednesday. they said the trooper asked to search the car but the two men started acting suspicious. the street value of the marijuana is estimated as $335,000. the trooper was ironically on his way home from a three-day training course on drug interdiction. a state house officials confirmed water -- health officials say the
hundreds dead and more trapped in the rubble. more coming up. >>> good morning maryland. i'm charley crowson. let's start the half hour as we do every morning with you, with a check of the forecast. hello to justin berk. >>> good morning to you. milder than it was yesterday for many of you like charlie, chilling, hunt valley 30,000 helping to support komen's race for the cure. after fabulous end to the weekend. we start off monday with cloud cover and fog. look at the widespread temperatures, though, northeast 42. 41 bel air. 47 reisterstown. cool down from columbia, 41, 39 lorel. hopping towards the water of the chesapeake, we've got 46 in annapolis. dry on the most powerful doppler. no worst about rain. two waves of clouds. first wave this morning, midday, we should break out sun with next push of clouds and chance of late day or early evening showers. 67. we will talk about the rest of the week in a moment. let's go to the traffic update with tonya. >>> frank fort at sinclair lane re-opened after eler police activity. we have a disabled vehicle, 83 south, york road. this is the be
planning. >>> good news on the job front in maryland. a new report from the us department of labor shows the state added 6800 jobs in september. it is the strongest job creation performance since 2005. he said he intends to bring a package of reforms to try to create more jobs. >>> not so good news on the slots front tonight. analysts revised revenues downward. estimates from the two currently operating casinos have dropped about 36 million bucks. the states stand to lose $179 million in projected revenues. >>> tomorrow a great gets a well deserved honor. a bronze statue will be unveiled on the plaza on washington boulevard. the dedication ceremony was set for tomorrow because brooks was part of the 1970s world series team. the statue is a gift to the city. tomorrow's dedication is set for noon. >>> it opened in 1981 and this weekend the national aquarium expects to welcome its 45th millionth visitor. folks think it will happen sometime around noon tomorrow. they will shower that person with a number of cool prizes. >>> the temperatures have definitely dropped off in the last few days an
at maryland's powerful radar in the palm of your hand. abc 2 weather app. and track down storms to your neighborhood or get an hourly or seven-day forecast. find the link to download the abc 2 weather app. >>> tanker truck loses control rupturing the tank before exploding the flames after crossing the dam. with it, workers are, are trying to contain a environmental catastrophe. right here the tanker traveled north across the dam in the seizeel county. when emergency responders arrived at the scene, the tanker had smashed into a guardrail and burst into flames over the north folks, southern railing road train track. >> they found an injured party with the tractor trailer involved in fire. and there was a substantial fuel spill. we believe he was fully loaded at 7500-gallons of diesel fuel. >> out there today, watching workers. and others put booms in the river are to contain the contamination threatened the river. surrounding the wetlands and wildlife. maryland ordered, -- to temporarily quit drawing water from the river are, to keep it from containing the water sup
with meteorologist justin berk. >> we have had rain and maryland's most power -- most powerful doppler radar highlighting the band of rain pushing us to rosedale split and nid white marsh up in that direction. so middle river has had rain same in essex easing up but pushing towards the north. and we are looking at i-95 from white marsh through perry hall and through kingsville about to get some moderate rainfall into the vicinity. overall a break in the action and more trying to come through cambridge as we speak. we have got spotty showers across the area and heaviest stuff is pushing up 95 in harford and cecil county near the maryland house. 63 does it in baltimore and aiming for high of 66. on and off showers and afternoon storms on the way. tanya. >> reporter: very slow out there. how slow can you go? i will show you. here's a live look at the beltway on the northwest side big slowdown near 795. this will last past liberty road. so it's slow going. top side of the beltway is moving a little bit better at harford road to the right is the outer loop. off and on this is slowing down as well
almost up to frederick, not quite. over to the bay down into southern maryland and out for our friends to the west. i got a couple e-mails here. we are taking to louisa county, first. this is the plantation house being renovated. roof now in the backyard. maybe it's the front yard, i don't know. the pillars are down. no one was in the house, but this is what happened about 4:00, 4:10 this afternoon. just literally ripped the roof right off the structure. it's fairly impressive. up in pennsylvania toe mac, heavy rain, ominous looking clouds. this is two miles west of the village on false road and tremendous rain. a lot of street flooding in potomac with this storm and pretty good winds. no damage from the winds we have reported, but heavy rain. now everything pushed off to the north in howard county. i was talking to you about this. this was sent to us from jesse sessions and he said just sat right in the tornado in centerville, virginia, at union mill road and route 29. about 25 minutes ago. this came in at 5:55. he pulled over, which was smart. he said crazy torrential rain, penny siz
was working for al qaeda. information sharing was the focus of a forum on homeland security here in maryland today. governor martin o'malley and homeland security secretary janet napolitano participated. >> many of you have heard the story of how one of the 9/11 hijackers was actually stopped by a maryland state police officer on i-95 just a couple of days before those attacks, but the trooper in the field was not able to run that name against any sort of backup database to determine whether that person was on a watch list or not on a watch list. that has greatly improved. >> the forum was moderated by the director of the national consortium for the study of terrorism and responses to terrorism. maryland could soon be one of the most expensive state in the country for smokers if a campaign to rate -- raise the tobacco tax exceeds. a-smoking advocates want to tack on an extra dollar to bring the state's cigarette tax to $3 a pack. >> cigarettes bring in by far the most money becomes to so- called vice taxes and our state, but anti-smoking advocates point out that the tobacco tax revenue level
to investigators. he has been dismissed from the naval academy. maryland congressman says the death of american-born and cleric means america it is safer. he was killed in a strike in yemen. this is the biggest blow to al qaeda since the death of osama bin model. >> he was a charismatic leader who inspired people to kill americans. he now has been taken off the battlefield. i said this after been logging, -- i said this after osama bin laden, and i will say it now. if you are going to kill americans, we will find and bring you to justice. officials say he also communicated with army maj hasaad who is charged with killing 13 people in fort hood in texas. paramedics to try to save the life of michael jackson testified in court today. she has more on the four of the trial against michael jackson's doctor. >> we focused on what happened moments after this ambulance arrived at michael jackson's home. it was 12:20 6:00 p.m. and the paramedic testified that jackson was in full cardiac arrest when they found him in the bedroom. >> his skin was very cool to the touch. according to testimony, he asked re
into pennsylvania this morning. as we look at maryland's most powerful radar, we are dry and will stay that way throughout the day. let's send this over to tonya, she has your traffic. >> reporter: good morning. we are going to start out with good news this morning after a terrible accident at the dam that happened wednesday night. the dam has finally reopened. it was a fiery accident on the north side of the bridge in cecil county that left the dam closed wednesday night. a tractor trailer was carrying 7500 gallons of diesel fuel when the driver lost control. the accident has been cleared and as you can see, things are running normally at this hour. this is 695 near 75. there are a few cars on the road. take a look at 95 at the fort mchenry tunnel. that is the place where all lanes are open. >>> a murder for hire plot that killed a baltimore county gasoline station owner. sherry johnson has more. >> reporter: this is considered among the most restrictive death penalty statute in the nation. today both sides will argue whether 2-year-old walter bishop jr. should be sentenced to death. bishop wa
-- a maryland man wanting to get out of jail. he has denied any wrongdoing saying that she was swept out to sea while snorkeling. >>> in baltimore city, the police are investigating the deadly shooting of a man in east baltimore and it took part on east court a block away from the balance more cemetery -- from the baltimore cemetery. if you know anything, call the baltimore city police, the homicide unit. >>> he was trusted with making your travel by air safe. but baltimore county police say it may not be someone that you trust with your kids. a man is facing child pornography charges after they traced a file on the internet back to his home. and now here's the latest. >> reporter: 41-year-old michael wilson out on bail for being arrested for possessing and distributing child pornography. in charging documents, the police officers said they were able to download a file through a peer to peer network and they traced this file back to wilson's home. and the documents say that while being interrogated, he admitted to viewing and down loading child porn for quite some time. and folks say this devel
days to identify it. the maryland state police laboratory , the employees symptoms, a lightheadedness and metallic taste in her mouth could point to a narcotic based opiate. a prevalence of the drug in the state prison system prompted correction officials to take action this year. in a statement, public information officer says previous urinalysis testing didn't have the capability to detect that particular drug. however, within the last four months, urinalysis tests have been changed so as to detect the drug. a second piece of mail turned up a similar sub answer the in are tracking down the source of that substance. >> it's part of an on going investigation. we have means to be able to determine where the mail was coming from and where it was going to. >> since the case involves the u.s. mail system, law enforcement agencies may yet play a role in finding out where the mail came from, and whether an inmate played any role in the attempt to have it delivered. jeff hager, abc2 news. paramedics took the work tore the medical center where she was treated and released.
cover but maryland's most powerful radar not picking up on showers out there. looking at the big picture, the combination we are seeing the rain slide in here going throughout the day. but it's still a couple hours away. so we are going to be on the dry side this morning. right now, temperatures on the not so chilly side especially sparrows point and annapolis. you might want a light jacket. but looking at some showers coming in this afternoon. and jacket this morning and rain gear going into the afternoon. temperatures in the ellicott and towson are in the upper 40s. let's go over to tanya with traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. inner loop at charles street we have report of debris in the right lane. so stay to the left. just to be safe. taking a live look at our traffic cameras right now, this is the look through kateonsville. outer loop has most volume right now. it's building between 795 and edmonson starting to slow down. beltway at liberty road right in the middle of where that starts to begin as being see, the left of your screen is the outer loop. that's where the
>>> now "good morning maryland." >>> a foiled scheme has state department concerned this morning. why they are warning all americans to be extra vigilant while traveling. >>> and he was heavily criticized but he was undeterred. we will look back at last night's republican debate where all eyes were on herman cain. >>> and wear orange to take a stand. national movement is getting underway to stop bullying which has come to maryland. we will look at it on wednesday, october 12th, good morning. i am charley crowson. let's get to it because there's a little rain out there this morning. meteorologist justin berk has latest. >> let's emphasize a little bit. we talked about rain and i was in the camp of thinking we might have flooding because of the storm that was developing in the south. looks like it's not going to be the full hit that it initially looked like at 63 right now in easton and baltimore. we have had rain and we have had bands of rain pushing their way to the east and north of baltimore. this one making roads wet baltimore county up 95 through harford and cecil a break in
morning maryland." >>> investigators are combing a selon where eight people were gunned down. what may have led to the deadly shoot dplg police in anne arundel county continue to investigate an accident that claims the life of this -- shooting-- >>> [audio not understandable] >>>. that you will is straight ahead. good morning i will charley crowson the let's get to it with a check of your forecast as you try to get out door and say hello, to justin berk. >> good morning. 6:32. dressing the kids and temperatures are not the issue. 59 towson and bellan and we have rain. 6 # edgemere and glen bernie and 63 in stevensville and 65 in -- it's about the wet weather. we started off watching a cluster of thunderstorms near rockville and gaithersburg and split up into howard county. lightning strike to the south side and watching this pull moderate rain northwest corn effort beltway by the spur at 795 and looks like perhaps wood lawn randalltown and pikesville getting in on it and towson spreading in rain. lutherville timonium getting in rain and spreading up 95 from white marsh and near the bel
, the moving green you see is light rain across northern virginia, the district and into much of maryland. and those areas of yellow and orange raining pretty hard out in west virginia, western maryland, but closer to washington, radar now scanning the sky. just a few sdaterred sprinkles in prince georges, arlington, fairfax. but farther to the north, there's more rain to the north of baltimore, heading off east into northeastern maryland. right now, off to a fairly mild start, we're in the 50s to near 60s. right around washington, we're in the mid 50s in prince georges, arlington and fairfax counties. generally, most locations in the 50s and some 60s showing off in west virginia. quite a mild start compared to what we're going to see this time tomorrow morning. sunrise will be at 7:30. we'll be hovering around 60 through the morning. mid 60s by noon time, maybe a passing shower, as well. by midafternoon, maybe even upper 60s in a few locations. but then turning chillier tonight. in fact, we may have a freeze this time tomorrow morning. a look at your evening planner, that will be in ten
>>> now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. >>> a fuel tanker overturns and explodes on the conowingo dam. latest on the cleanup and how it will affect your commute this morning. the story coming up. >>> i am sherrie johnson live at the inner harbor with all new information on the occupy baltimore protests. coming up, we will hear from one of the protesters. >>> and there's a promising new breast cancer treatment studied here at hopkins. i am linda so. why it could mean less radiation and chemotherapy. >>> it's thursday october 27th. i am charley crowson. let's go to it as the rain is falling. let's say the hello, to motorrologist lynette charles. >> we have headlines you -- meteorologist lynette charles. >> we have headlines you will. >> he um bellsa and raincoats. temperatures dropping off and we have a freeze watch that is in effect as well. so, we are looking at the freeze watch in the blue from hartford going westward. so, if you have the tender vegetation going into the evening, you are going to want to bring it in. we are looking at maryland's most powerful radar and we can see
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